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See how Bezlio integrates with VISUAL ERP

Advanced dashboards, data analytics and business intelligence with Bezlio

Self-service dashboards and analytics are the future of business intelligence. Workers need meaningful data more than ever, and they can't wait for IT to provide it. They need real-time data to help them see business trends as they are happening. They need quality data at the proper scale to improve their decision-making. They need user-friendly interfaces to make it easy to interpret the data, and they need complete mobility to retrieve that data from anywhere.

Bezlio offers a 360 degree view of your business

Every department should be able to benefit from having dashboards that provide actionable insight. Everyone from C-level to production workers can benefit from Bezlio dashboards and visualizations.

Bezlio can provide VISUAL ERP users with real-time access to their data on any device, including pre-built dashboards, analytics, data visualizations, and even apps that can read and write data back to VISUAL… all without opening firewall ports or synchronizing data to the cloud!


by SaberLogic

Bezlio for Infor VISUAL