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We offer a variety of different webinars, so you have the convenience of learning at your desk. Our webinars are hosted by a BizTech team member or a special outside partner. Topics range from tips and tricks for VISUAL to specific BizTech add-ons.

To attend, you must register online below. When you register and attend a webinar, the recording will also be sent to you. Webinars are usually held twice a month and are an hour long.


Upcoming Webinars and Workshops at BizTech:

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Infor VISUAL workshops are new learning experiences for the VISUAL customer community. We have planned a set of remote workshops designed to help you get convenient and cost-effective training and education for you or others at your company.  

Attending a remote BizTech Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to get some interruption-free lessons to improve your use of VISUAL, learn new or advanced skills, and discover new features and functionality in Infor VISUAL-- all while collaborating with BizTech's VISUAL experts.

To see detailed information and to register for a specific webinar or workshop, click the title of the listing below.  TIP:  type "webinar" or "workshop" to filter.

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