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BizTech Part Planner for Infor VISUAL

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The missing link between Engineering and Planning.

Do you spend a lot of time working in the Material Planning Window of the VISUAL ERP software? Are you tired of copying and pasting part numbers from multiple requirement sources? Do you find yourself printing the Indented Bill of Material report and keying in the part numbers one at a time to process in the Material Planning Window?

BizTech Part Planner for Infor VISUAL was developed specifically to integrate with the Infor VISUAL Material Planning Window. This application allows you to quickly review materials required for a specific end item. It brings bills of all sizes, even ones containing unlinked Engineering Masters, together in an easy-to-navigate structure.

You can easily plan for an end item.

  • Navigate the Engineering Master using a Windows-style tree node.
  • Review subordinate material requirements, including legs and material cards.
  • Highlight any item and the part will instantly appear in the Material Planning Window.

This tool is a must-have for any Material Planner.

Part Planner Brochure