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  The New Features of VISUAL 9

Learn more about all the best new features of VISUAL 9. We will describe and demonstrate some of the most significant features from VISUAL 9.0.1 through 9.0.8.

This webinar should help you decide if now is the right time to plan a VISUAL Upgrade Project for your company.

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Multiple Ways to Create a BOMAccurate Bills of Material/Bills of Manufacture are the heart and soul of a good manufacturing process. How easy it is to create and maintain those BOMs is key to keeping them accurate. We will look at a number of ways to do that in the Manufacturing Window and a number of ways to do it outside the Manufacturing Window.

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BizTech Part Planner

BizTech Part Planner for Infor VISUAL ERP is the missing link between engineering and planning.

Do you spend a lot of time working in the Material Planning Window of the VISUAL ERP software? Are you tired of copying and pasting part numbers from multiple requirement sources? Do you find yourself printing the Indented Bill of Material report and keying in the part numbers one at a time to process in the Material Planning Window?

BizTech Part Planner for Infor VISUAL was developed specifically to integrate with the Infor VISUAL Material Planning Window. This application allows you to quickly review the materials required for a specific end item. It brings bills of all sizes, even ones containing unlinked Engineering Masters, together in an easy-to-navigate structure.

You can easily plan for an end item.

  • Navigate the Engineering Master using a Windows-style tree node.
  • Review subordinate material requirements, including legs and material cards.
  • Highlight any item and the part will instantly appear in the Material Planning Window.

    This tool is a must-have for any Material Planner.

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Overview of VISUAL Dashboards Learn how to configure VISUAL Dashboards to display a wide variety of key performance metrics for sales, purchasing, production, and more. You will learn about standard and custom metrics to reveal data that is most important to you and others in your company. You can then drill to the data points directly in the VISUAL applications.

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VISUAL Navigation Tips Attend this webinar to learn some time-saving features in VISUAL that you may not be aware of. We will review and demonstrate some of the more advanced ways to navigate in VISUAL, including new features in version 9 - browsing, searches, quick filters, use of right-clicks, shortcuts, & drill-downs.

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Synoptix--Build Smarter, More Interactive Reports
Synoptix is a leading innovator of ERP-based financial and operational reporting software.

The comprehensive suite of self-service reporting tools enables managers to create, present, and distribute multiple customized reports easier than with spreadsheets. No need to know how tables are joined, just Drag & Drop the fields you want on to the report.Quickly build financial and operational reports where you can easily drill into the details, including opening the source data right from the report.

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VISUAL Shop Floor Mobile - Production Visibility Anywhere You Need It Manufacturing Software is not just for desktop workstations.

Join us as we review the latest version of VISUAL Shop Floor Mobile. As one of the newest full-feature modules, VISUAL Shop Floor Mobile is accessible on virtually any device that supports a web browser. With this unique interface, you can see all open jobs on the shop floor, all the associated details, transactions, and documents. That same device can also be used to report direct and indirect labor and as well as many inventory transactions. If your company already has enough BTS, Wedge barcode, or VTA licenses, the VISUAL Shop Floor mobile can be available for deployment today.

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VISUAL Advanced Material Planning Using the Advanced Material Planning Window you can summarize Supply, Demand and Forecast details into buckets of time. You define the size and frequency of the time buckets. This gives you the Big Picture when planning any part, you quickly see where you are going to be over or short on inventory and can act on it. Additional visibility to multiple forecasts as well as powerful tools to firm multiple planned orders at once makes this module a must-have for many manufacturing companies.

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To Plan or Not to Plan To Plan or Not to Plan: That is the question. Buyers, Material Planners and Inventory Control personnel have been wrestling with this question for years. Don’t let all the options intimidate you, join our webinar to get a quick review of many of the common planning settings.

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Bezlio: Taking VISUAL Outside of the Box for Sales Teams

Sales teams are constantly on the move. They need native information from the back-end ERP in an easy, quick and efficient solution to enable them to have the most up-to-date information to manage their customers and business. Bezlio helps improve execution for sales teams by providing a native mobile app. This app can be customized to meet your business processes and designed specifically for sales operations. Bezlio is fully integrated with Infor VISUAL, so there's no costly or complicated development required!

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Plant & Equipment Maintenance

We all know when machines and equipment breakdown the disruption can cost your business money, delays and hassles. Plant and Equipment Maintenance can create maintenance schedules to help keep your business running smoothly and repair orders for when it's not, for both your equipment and your customers' equipment.

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CADLink - BOM Sync with Infor VISUAL in a Blink

CAD to ERP integration software is an often overlooked stumbling block for design and manufacturing engineers. In this session, learn how CAD data integration software increases engineering productivity and creates consistency between your CAD system and Infor VISUAL. The CADLink session will educate CAD users and design engineers on how they can view, modify, update and create parts and BOMs in VISUAl without ever leaving their CAD software. Tightly connect your design information to your Infor VISUAL system. Learn to eliminate double data entry and allow your engineers to focus on what they do best: Engineering!

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Is It Time to Upgrade?

Have you considered all the reasons why you should upgrade VISUAL? Not upgrading can put your business at risk. In this session, we will review the main reasons why it's time for you to upgrade and get on the current release, including some great new enhancements that are available. We will look at the VISUAL upgrade and what all is affected by not upgrading. There is a lot to consider, so join us for this timely webinar to understand why it's important to upgrade VISUAL.

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Getting Information Out of VISUAL

VISUAL has a lot of data about your business. We will review many ways to extract that data and turn it into information that you can use to improve your company.

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Avalara - Tax Changes and New Rules for the New Year

Keeping up with sales tax changes for each state, couty, town and even the specific address isn't easy. Fortunately, Avalara can make that much easier. Join us to find out how Avalara can keep you up-to-date.

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Introduction to Finite Scheduling

Thinking about using the scheduling features in VISUAL? There are a number of scheduling options and trying to figure out what they all mean might be intimidating. In this webinar, we will review the main scheduling options in VISUAL, with a focus on Finite Scheduling. We will look at what affects the schedule and what are the expected outputs.

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SourceDay - It's Time to Modernize Supplier CollaborationHow do you collaborate with suppliers on RFQs, POs, Invoices and Quality Control? Most companies currently do things manually with spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and faxes to manage its suppliers against purchase orders. It is time to adopt supplier collaboration software to eliminate tactical tasks and proactively manage your supply chain.

6 Ways to Take the Guesswork Out Of Your PO Process

  1. Reduce manual processes
  2. Adopt one dynamic platform
  3. Boost supplier collaboration
  4. Gain shipment visibility
  5. Leverage real-time analytics
  6. Ensure ERP data accuracy

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VISUAL ECN - Engineering Change Management Tools for VISUAL

Change isn't always easy, but managing the change can be. Whether you are looking for visibility and/or control for changes to Jobs, Engineering Masters, Parts or Files, VISUAL's ECN module can help give you the tools you're looking for. This webinar covers how you can request a change, approve a change, lock activity during a change and notify others about change.

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Past Webinars

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