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Real-time warehouse management integration into Infor VISUAL ERP

A warehouse is responsible for the proper storage, handling, and safekeeping of materials making them available when needed at the lowest possible unit cost. You first need to decide what type of inventory you are dealing with: raw materials, work in progress goods, or finished goods.

From there, you can decide what’s most important to you. Whether it’s having raw material inventory on hand at all times, or being able to locate finished goods at a moment’s notice to fill a customer order.


RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing is specifically designed to integrate with your VISUAL Manufacturing ERP and help you collect the data that you need. RF Plus™ allows for wireless, real-time inventory, from the receipt of purchased goods at the dock doors, to issuing raw materials, transfers in the warehouse and back to the dock doors for shipping, and RF Plus™ provides this in one configurable package.


Common transactions performed with RF Plus include:

  • Purchase Order Receiving

  • Picking & Shipping

  • QC Hold & Release

  • Inventory Location Lookup

  • Raw Material Issuing to a Work Order

  • Issue Return to Inventory

  • Inventory Count

  • Finished Goods Receiving

  • Inventory & Warehouse Transfers

  • Label Printing

RF Plus™

by Portable Intelligence

With RF Plus™ WMS for VISUAL Manufacturing you can:

  • Increase overall warehouse efficiency by as much as 50%
  • Increase inventory accuracy to more than 90% (No more errors and delays caused by batching and synchronization)
  • Maintain a lean supply chain by reducing your buffer stock by 15%
  • Increase picking and order fill rates by 20%
  • Reduce inventory count time by 80%

RF Plus for VISUAL

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