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BizTech can help you optimize Infor VISUAL.

Is your company under-utilizing VISUAL ERP? Are you experiencing performance issues? Do you feel as if Infor VISUAL isn't living up to expectations?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions, BizTech can help!

Implementing and maintaining an ERP system is an evolutionary process. As your business changes, your organizational processes and system requirements change as well. No matter how long your company has been using VISUAL, it may be time for a VISUAL Assessment.

During a VISUAL Assessment, one of our consultants will come to your business to assess your ERP system- including learning more about your processes, discussing your issues, meeting with different departments, touring your facility and analyzing your computer systems.

VISUAL ERP Assessment

VISUAL Assessment Overview:

The duration of the VISUAL Assessment can vary depending on the size and needs or your company, but typically requires 1-2 business days on-site at your facility. The focus can be on any or all areas of VISUAL Enterprise.


A VISUAL Assessment includes the following steps:

  • Departmental Documentation
  • Management Meeting
  • Plant Tour
  • Departmental Interviews
  • VISUAL Assessment Report


Departmental Documentation

Prior to the onsite analysis, we would like the department managers to prepare a list of current Visual issues and departmental needs. This information will need to be available at the start of the analysis but we would prefer to review it in advance of our visit

Management Meeting

A meeting will be scheduled at the beginning of the analysis to get an overview of the VISUAL issues, roadblocks and needs of management. This will give us the opportunity to make sure that we understand the needs and direction of the management team.

Plant Tour

A plant tour is necessary for us to get a look at your manufacturing processes and the flow of the operations. We need to understand your business processes and how it relates to VISUAL. The plant tour will follow the management meeting.

Departmental Interviews

In order for us to get an understanding of how each department is currently using VISUAL, we need to meet with the individuals who regularly use the system. Meetings should be scheduled individually with each department, including but not limited to Accounting, Sales and Customer Service, Purchasing, Engineering, Information Technology, Quality and Operations.

Computer Systems

We will do an analysis of the computer network, client computers and servers. Our goal is to analyze systems resources and configurations. Specifically to determine if the VISUAL application is configured for optimal performance

VISUAL Assessment Report

Once we have completed the assessment, we will provide you with a VISUAL Assessment Report. The Report will outline the results of our analysis, suggested improvements and solution options.