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Print Infor VISUAL Vendor Payment Information Directly on 1099-MISC Forms


BizTech VizReports 1099 Edition is a reporting tool for Infor VISUAL designed to prepare and print Federal 1099-MISC tax forms by pulling vendor payment information from your VISUAL database.


New VizReports 1099 for tax year 2019:

  • Updated default dates for the 2019 tax year
  • Revised user interface
  • Improved performance
  • New support for VISUAL 9.0.5
  • Support for multi-entity/multi-site database
  • Continued support for VISUAL versions 6.4.1 and later
VizReports 1099 report for Infor VISUAL

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VizReports 1099 Features

BizTech VizReports 1099 for VISUAL ERP

  • Exception Reports - Use these reports to find possible errors in the setup of vendor records within the current vendor maintenance table. For example, show any 1099 vendors with a blank tax ID.
  • Vendor Listing Report - This report simply prints all vendors marked as 1099 vendors in a report format, showing the amount paid for the year. This report can be used to review the information before printing the forms.
  • Review, Edit and Add Information - The vendor payment data is presented in a table to allow you to review, edit and add 1099 information before printing. This option allows you to adjust amounts or add new vendor records if your information for VISUAL is not complete.
  • Add Information for All Boxes - This feature includes a place to type in values for boxes 1-18 on the 1099 forms for each vendor. This allows you to specify the amounts that should be considered rents, royalties, medical and health care payments, etc.
  • 1099 Forms - This is the report used to print the standard 1099-MISC forms. 2-part Federal tax forms are supported. All the fields are set up to print on the laser forms. Print the same report 3 times to get Copy A, Copy B and Copy C ready for filing.
  • 1096 Form - This feature prints the 1096 Summary form to summarize your 1099-MISC forms.